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Decals – A Definition

Decals - A Definition

All about decals.

The what, the who, the where, and the why of a decal.

What is a decal exactly?

A decal is a design or image that is created on or cut out of a specific type of paper, commonly vinyl.  Decals are able to transfer onto a variety of surfaces including glass, metal, porcelain, and more.

So, it sounds like decals are stickers. 

Are decals and stickers the same?

While the two terms are often used interchangeably, decals and stickers are not the same.  Decals are very similar to stickers, but there are differences.  The main distinction between a decal and a sticker is that a decal must be transferred.  It is not peel and stick like a sticker.  In order to install a decal, one must remove the decal from what is called backing paper, apply to the desired surface, and then remove the transfer paper.  Decals also tend to be more durable and last longer than a sticker.

Who would choose a decal?

Decals are a popular preference among many types of people for a variety of reasons. 

Business owners frequently use decals as a way to help establish and maintain a company’s name and imprint.  Being able to design custom logos in custom sizes allows a professional to stand out and be seen.  It takes advertising to a whole new level. 

Being so readily available at the moment, the use of decals has also peaked the interest of the everyday consumer.  From personalizing just about anything to creating vinyl works of art, a decal may just be the way to go for that unique style!

Where can decals be placed?

Decals are commonly used outdoors because of their durability, but they can actually be placed just about anywhere.  As long as the surface that the decal is being applied to is clean, dry, and smooth, a decal can usually adhere to it.  From windows to walls, inside to outside, there are not many spots a decal can’t go!

Why use a decal?

Professionals typically choose decals when looking for a way to establish and promote their company and ideas.  Decals are an ideal option for use on outdoor logo signs and window designs as they come in a wide variety of colors, are very durable, and are affordable to boot!  In addition, using vinyl on banners, lawn signs, and other promotional items make a great marketing tool.

Decals are a wonderful way to add a touch of personalization to a favorite piece, as well.  Whether it’s a custom made design for a project, license plate for a vehicle or an address for a mailbox, vinyl decals are extremely versatile. 

Where can decals be purchased?

Check out our eBay store, Green Hill Graphics, to purchase awesome decals!  We’re always excited to try new things, so feel free to contact us for a special request!

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