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Decorating with Decals – Kitchen Edition

Decorating the Kitchen with Decals

Unique decorating ideas using decals in the kitchen.

Customize your kitchen appliances with decals and stickers!

Decals and stickers are a great way to add a little personality to the possibly the greatest room in the house – the kitchen!  With constantly changing concepts and ideas, dressing up those regular pieces is a snap!  Simple to put on and easy to take off, decals are an amazing option when you want to make ordinary pieces extraordinary.

Check out these awesome ideas for sprucing up your everyday items in the kitchen! 

A few of our favorite decals for the refrigerator are fridge faces!  Bringing a little personality to the most used appliance in the kitchen, fridge faces are so much fun.  Make a happy fridge, a hungry fridge, or even a super cool fridge with these amazing face decals.  Not only do these faces look awesome on the refrigerator, they are also great on other items such as the stove, trash can, or even the dishwasher!

Speaking of the dishwasher, stickers are a wonderful way to indicate what’s going on inside of that thing!   Choosing fun and unique decals for the front of your dishwasher will help keep everyone in the house aware of what’s going on.   Stickers such as vacant – no vacancy, load – unload, clean – dirty, and wash – put away are all wonderful decals for the dishwasher. 

Another great way to spruce up those boring kitchen appliances is with fun designs and patterns.  Decorate the toaster with lovely wildflowers.  Add some colorful polka dots to that countertop mixer.  Even the oven and microwave would look wonderful with a few decals and stickers! 

Be creative with all kinds of kitchen decals and stickers!

With the use of decals and stickers, there are endless options when it comes to making the everyday items in your kitchen fabulous.  Available in a variety of colors and fonts to match any color scheme or kitchen décor, there is a decal for everyone!

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