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The Advantages of Vehicle Lettering

The Advantages of Lettering a Vehicle - Get Noticed!

Lettering your vehicle as a marketing tool.

To letter, or not to letter…

Whether adding a brand to the company van or your everyday personal car, mobile marketing looks like a good way to go.  It is a brilliant tactic to increase business exposure without breaking the bank.

Hear are a few reasons why we like vehicle lettering:

It’s Noticeable.

A lettered vehicle is always being seen whether the car is parked in a lot, sitting in traffic, or driving out on the road.  As its range of travel gets wider, the number of people that see it gets greater.

It’s Affordable.

Vinyl decals as a whole are relatively inexpensive.  These days, even custom designs are fairly easy on the pocket.  When compared to other styles of marketing, vehicle lettering is definitely a budget friendly option.

It’s Modest.

Lettering a vehicle can make for a more subtle way to publicize a business.  People can look, or not look, the choice is theirs.   Because this type of exposure is not overpowering, it may be more appealing to a viewer.

It’s Durable.

Vinyl lettering can withstand extreme temperatures and changing weather conditions so it’s made for outdoor use.  With a long vinyl life of about six to eight years, lettering a vehicle can be a strong advertising choice.

It’s Versatile.

From color to content, personal preferences can be selected making each vinyl image unique.  With so many options available, vehicle lettering can bring an idea to life. 

And furthermore…

For those who like the idea of vehicle lettering but are finding it hard to commit to actually doing it, there is an alternative.  Choose a magnet instead!  Have the benefits of vehicle lettering while also having the option to remove it.  A custom magnet allows the freedom to advertise your way.  Put it on.  Take it off.  You decide.  

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