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Vehicle Lettering with Reflective Vinyl

Lettering a Vehicle with Reflective Vinyl

Using reflective vinyl to letter a vehicle.

A custom logo project.

Advertising with a car logo is a great marketing strategy.  It’s pretty much a moving billboard with a one-time payment.

This particular project was so much fun for us.  We created the shaded appearance you see in the photo with the use of reflective vinyl.  Looking to make a sort of ghost effect of the image, we applied a black reflective vinyl onto a black car.  Depending on the time of day and the angle at which the lettering is being seen, the logo will appear differently.

Once the design was created, cut, weeded and masked, we set out to letter the car with the decal.  With our supplies in tow, we began the install process applying the text first, then the stars.  Tape, measure, move, measure, move, measure and measure once more to be sure.  When we had it where we wanted it, we peeled off the backing paper, carefully squeegeed it into place, and removed the transfer tape.  We repeated the same process on the other side, as well as the back, and also added a small text image on the front.       

Choosing reflective lettering for this project not only makes it look awesome, but also increases the amount of visibility of the design at night.

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