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Vinyl Decals on Canvas Totes

Decals on Canvas Totes?

Design tote bags with vinyl art.

Looking for a way to dress up that plain old tote?  Why not go for a decal! 

With a little imagination, you can transform a boring old tote bag into a truly unique masterpiece.  Whether you choose to do it yourself with an iron-on, or you go another route and order a custom made tote, consider the basic bag no more!

Iron-on decals or transfers are a quick and easy way to spruce up an otherwise dull tote bag.  Commonly, iron-ons can be found at your local craft store.  Offering a wide variety of premade images that are relatively inexpensive, iron-on transfers are a wonderful way to personalize your ordinary tote.  Iron-on decals also have quite a few advantages, which is why they might be the right choice for you.  They can be applied rather effortlessly to most types of fabrics.  They are also almost always washer and dryer safe, and tend to last quite a while as long as they are properly applied and continuously taken care of.

Another way to go would be to purchase a tote that can be made to order just for you.  Whether you find a bag with a specific design you like or you want to bring your own idea to life, ordering a custom tote is another option available that can turn a simple tote into an amazing tote.  Generally, store bought or custom ordered tote bags are made with a specific type of vinyl that is used with a heat press.  Heat press vinyl or cad-cut material also has its advantages.  Heat press vinyl is extremely durable and will typically last the life of the fabric that its applied to.   It is also available in a broad range of colors, patterns, and textures, making personalization a snap.  In addition, a heat press vinyl image is custom cut, leaving no background like an iron-on does.

With these awesome decal options, you can add your personality to any ordinary tote!  How would you customize your tote bag? 

Looking for some inspiration?  Find a few of our totes here.

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